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Flight #7
Battlestar Galactica
prompt was Lee/Kara, post series, finally getting to spend time together
written for Fall Fandom Free For All
warning for character death

"Well, frak me" Lee let's his head drop to the ground again. His leg's still broken and he's still at the bottom of this damn hole. Not much has changed since the last time he took an assessment of his situation.

It's getting close to autumn on this part of their new world, night is not more than a few hours away and he really does not want to spend another minute here, much less depend on the mercy of the natural predators of the area to not eat him for an entire night.

He really should have thought this whole adventurer thing through a little better before going off on his own. Or stopped and gone back to the settlement when age started to kick in. Or not slipped. Either/or seems like a good thing at the moment.

He shifts, tries to raise his leg enough maybe get himself into a standing/hobbling position, but the moment he moves his leg the pain is unbearable. He thinks the bone might actually be out of the skin, which is all kinds of bad news for him.

He lays there another minute, tries to catch his breath. Mind numbing pain is surprising hard on the body, if his breathing and heart rate are anything to go by. Even his first time in the air with a viper did less to his adrenal system than lying in this pit.

He concentrates extra hard on his breathing because thinking about just how frakked he is, is going to become full fledged panic if he lets it. Panic won't help him. He knows this, was trained not to give in to this.

He is so very frakked it makes his head hurt.

"If it isn't the great Lee Adama."


She's looking down at him, her head to the side, a half smirk on her face. "Did you fall down and break a hip?"

Lee is still stuck on his best friend/crush/angel who can't be here, and just how hard did he hit his damn head?

"Come on" and she's reaching down for him, despite the fact he's at least 20 feet down she has no problem reaching. She's lit by the late afternoon sun, and all the doubts Lee has had these long lonely years about what Kara Thrace really was disappear. She's his Angel. How else could she lift him, whole and uninjured, that impossible height.

"Long time no see, eh?" and she's smiling that old smile and the moment is so perfect Lee knows it can't be real, and he doesn't care. This is what he has wanted so long he's willing to believe the lie. She's exactly like she was the last time he saw her, completely unaged, although he's now sporting a healthy dose of grey.

"It's time to go home" and she's still holding his hand as she tugs him upward, "You're going to love it."

"Wait" He's feeling a sudden sense of unease. He looks back in the pit at the broken body, blood pooled around the badly damaged leg. There's something important about the older man down there, although he can't quite put his finger on it. "Shouldn't we help him?"

"It's okay" Kara reassures him, still pulling him skyward. "He's already taken care of. Now come on, we have years to make up for"

They fly faster than they ever did in their vipers.


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