Aug. 2nd, 2009

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Firefly drabble
for the Because we're awesome drabbleathon

She grounds the inkstick into the well of water in the inkstone. Her paint has to be just the right consistency. She places the brush to the rice paper and prepares to draw the first line.

First to the left, increasing pressure to broaden the stroke, turning the brush between her fingers downward.


Now upward to the right.

Inara breathes deeply, as peaceful in her shuttle as she ever was in the silence of the training house.

Obvlious to Kaylee and River at play, the pounding of Jaynes boots, the rumbling of the engine and the captain.

Her entire world is captured in one word.
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The Firefly Gazette
dribble for 50wordstory on LJ

Gorram it Mal, gotta stop that girl from writing the newsletter"

"How come?" Mal grunted, busy.

"This weeks survey was 'What do you like best about Serenity?'"


"Her answers was 'its made of oatmeal, its full of stars or you can talk to dogs'."

Mal considered, and said "I'd pick B."
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What he said

It's hard to be myself when nothing about me is original, or complete. Some parts are still missing, the rest I plagarized. Everybody feels like a fake sometimes. I suppose that all the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players, but those aren't my words either.
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Dont tap the glass

"No one knows where they came from, only that they couldn't survive in the real world. That's why we put them someplace safe." The guide said, sweeping an arm over the glass that was one side of the Angel sanctuary. Winged figures moved in the distance of the large dome.
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She twisted and pushed, trying to keep it at arms length, but the essay was quicker. It darted around and began beating the poor girl about the head. Eventually she fell to the floor and was still.

The prophecy had come to pass: this essay had been the death of her.
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The Wild Hunt

Sounds of hooves and wolf calls came closer. Odd, considering we were at the park.

"Look away!" I cried, too late, as I recognized the signs of the Wild Hunt.

My best friend, no student of mythology, screamed. In darkness I trembled. When I opened my eyes, I was alone.
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Bedtime Stories for Communists

"Do you know what happened next?"

"The lion gave the mouse riches for helping pull out the thorn?"

"No. The lion ate the mouse, and that is why you can't trust the rich."

"Or lions." she said, sleepy, as her father tucked her in and said goodnight.
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It was done.

Harry removed Gryffindor's sword from Edward Cullen's body with a jerk and turned to Ron and Herminione, who stood over the blue-faced Bella.

"Next time we'll stop them before they get a movie"

"You think Mcgonagall's feminist group is done with Stephanie Meyer yet?" asked Ron.
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The Women In Refridgerators Rally is over There
multiple fandoms

"I'm Lt. Javis"

"Hi Jarvis." the group chorused.

"I was a soldier on Stargate, and I was killed on my first and only mission-"

"Oh bitch, bitch" whispered Stormtrooper "I've been killed thousands of times"

"By your command" agreed his neighbour.

"Hey! Lets show a little respect here" said Redshirt.


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