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Original Fic: Chaapa'ai, by [personal profile] izhilzha
Remix: Chaapa'ai (The disney world Remix)
double drabble

Up all night surrounded by translations and books that once he might have read for fun, but are now needed to finish his next report, Daniel Jackson forgets that once the Stargate was everything.

It was proof he was right, it was a gateway to stars and worlds beyond, it lead to his wife. It was hope and life.

It's a means of conveyance. It's a job. It's one more way for the people around him to get themselves killed.

In the beginning they thought it meant 'Doorway to Heaven'. The only way that's true is if he counts the endless funerals. Itchy suits and wreaths sent through into nothing.

Why buy empty coffins when a ring of dead flowers is just as good?

When he sleeps, if he sleeps, he dreams. It's warm, and sandy and more real than real life seems lately. In his dreams the Stargate is still a thing of beauty. It ripples and dances like something living. His wife at his side, hope in his heart, Daniel Jackson stands on the edge of eternity.

When he wakes up alone, knows he won't get anymore sleep and goes back to his office. Back to the job. He has a report due.
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Original Fic: Nothing New Under the Sun, by [personal profile] jedibuttercup
Remix: Nothing New Under the Sun (The Zombies ate my brain Remix)

Jonas Quinn isn't really here. Maybe he died fighting alongside SG-1 (that's his favourite), or maybe he never left Kelowna and died when the first Naquadria bomb went off. Maybe he lost his mind, just like his mentor did.

The women he loves is a Goa'uld. The woman he loves is dead. His world is under threat, and Jonas will likely die in the coming fight.

He sleeps in an empty bed, works with the woman who is and is not his lover. Goes back home to an empty bed.

Daniel must be a stronger man than him.

Daniel survived.

Jonas isn't sure he did.
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Original Fic: Human, by [personal profile] kindkit
Remix: Human (The hope springs eternal Remix)

Ethan Rayne is sure of one thing and it is this: Giles will save him.

Truthfully, he's been a bit of a dick to his old mate, and not all of it done to honour glorious chaos. Ethan really is just a bastard sometimes. He gets that.

He also knows just how good a man Ripper is; how he held the whole group together, kept them from falling totally off the cliff when they started to dabble with the darker magics. He even forgave him for the Halloween incident. Well, he never came after him for it, and that's as good as forgiveness in Ethan's book.

Giles will come for him, or send the Slayer. He will.

Ethan rocks back and forth in his tiny square of a cell buried so far under ground he forgets what sunlight feels like, and waits for his rescue. 74 days and counting.

Giles is coming. He knows it.
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Original Fic: Fade Out, by [personal profile] kindkit
Remix: Fade Out (The meant to be Remix)
double drabbe

This is how Black men always die.

Every damn movie he watched with his sister and his mom (when they had electricity), the Black guy always bites it in some dead end alley.

What a fucking metaphor.

When his people are fighting for their lives and their homes, they die in abandoned factories, and in burnt out shops.

Blood stains on dirty streets.

Gunn doesn't see any other way out for himself. This is just how things work down here.

When he's in a corner office with his own secretary, wearing Armani and with the collected works of Abbot and Costello (plus a law degree) crammed into his brain, he's as far from those dead end streets as it's humanly possible to get. But he never stops thinking he won't still die on one.

When Gunn thinks about how he's going out, it's always with a weapon in hand, fighting, on the streets he was raised on.

When the time comes, it's just like he knew it would be. Blood splattering on the pavement, washed away like he never was, following the rain into the gutters. Another Black man forgotten before the sun has even risen.

Maybe he was always meant to die like this.
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for open_on_sunday prompt: clock.

She can feel her clock running down. The wind flies by her, tugging at her clothes and her hair. The pain in her gut is an afterthought, her blood is a cold spot on her shirt.

The moon is bright overhead.

Maybe this is how Angel feels-the seconds lasting years to make up for the life neither one will get to live after this night.

Damn, B. I wish this could have ended different. But she's not sure if the regret is for losing the fight or their falling out.

Her time runs out. Faith hits the truck.
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From last to ancient First
Buffy drabble
for open_on_sunday
prompt :calling and/or birds

Every other one in her line was Chosen, Called by beings of unimaginable power. They had a purpose, a cause they were born to.

All but her.

She had been dragged, chained. The sight of her village Elder and other wise men from nearby was a comfort only because she didn't know what they had planned.

The darkness slithered and flew through the air and into her, cold and slick.

When she died she felt... something, pass from her, fly out into the world in search of the next one.

The next Chosen.

The first girl to be called by Gods and not old men.
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Like a Shakespearean Tragedy,
drabble for open_on_sunday

A brave vessel, who had no doubt some noble creature in her, Dash'd all to pieces."

-The Tempest. Act I, Scene II.

They'd sent her home in a box.

His baby. His Slayer. Now broken.

She'd never known that he'd loved her like a daughter. He kept to Watcher protocol, to a fault. He'd spent her entire life acting as though she were nothing more than a container for something greater.

It must have been a terrible childhood. To grow up and know only training, duty, and obligation.

She'd been more than he could have ever hoped for.

Sam Zabuto just wished he'd told Kendra that before she'd died.
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Watcher's Cup
prompt was Cup

Faith sat Wesley down in front of the library's lone computer.

"What exactly are we doing?" he inquired, as he tried to stand up again. "We have important thing to do, I hardly think it's appropriate for me to be wasting time-"

"This'll only take a minute" Faith said, as she layed a Slayer-powered hand on his shoulder and shoved him down.

Xander queued up the Youtube video, hit play and stepped back.

From the office Buffy emerged carrying a videocamera.

But Wesley was too horrified by what was onscreen to notice.

"Good God! What are those two girls doing?!?!" He shouted before gagging.
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Watcher's Cup II,
prompt was Cup

It was his most valued possession when it came to training a Slayer.

It had saved him more than all the books and watcher's diaries and years of training combined.

He could still remember the day, after he and his father had started talking again, after he finally accepted his duty as a Watcher after that unfortunate Ripper business.

His father had taken him aside and handed it to him.

Obviously it wasn't the same one he's using today. This was the fourth or fifth incarnation.

But as Buffy kicked him in the groin again, Giles thanked all the Gods in heaven for his cup.
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The best of intentions
Runaways (comics)

Geoffery Wilder did it for his son.

True, when this started he was years away from even thinking about kids, but at the time not joining wasn't going to save the world.

Tall, six-toed and freaky had said it themselves; easily replaceable.

But after Alex was born it was all about him.

He's destroyed the souls of children, plotted the apocalypse, but he's done it all for love.

Geoffery Wilder knows he is a good man, deep down, where it counts.

He just has to ignore the road to hell and what it's paved with.
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Subterfuge and Distraction

"Did you change your hat again?"

"Nope, same hat I always wear" Molly said, "Now shhh! I'm finding out if Harry Potter lives."

"I'm pretty sure that's new, Molly. Where exactly are you getting them from anyway? That's the 50th hat I've seen you wear." Chase flopped down beside her on the couch. "Do stores even sell hats like that?"

Molly sighed. "You know Chase, just 'cause I'm not in school doesn't mean I don't want to learn and be smart" She fixes him with her best Gert impersonation and jiggles the book.

She raises the book over her face and smiles.
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Molly loves her Mom,
Runaways comics,
prompt: Mother/Forgiveness
for drabble at

Molly loves her mother because she's her mom, and that's an automatic point in her favour.

Molly hates her Mom, because she hurt kids, and that's bad, no matter why she did it.

Molly loves her Mom, because she bought her Chocolate Frosted CocoaBombs if she promised not to tell Dad.

Molly hates her Mom, because she only bought her her favourite cereal after Molly talked about what she wanted to be when she grew up, or how many kids she was going to have.

She must have felt guilty.

Molly decides that her Mom is too evil to love, but she does anyway.
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The Communist Manifesto, by Dr. Seuss
co-wrote* by fearthemeatball

*unavailable for remixing

Could you, would you rile the masses?
Would you, could you change their classes?

You do not like it, being poor.
Wouldn't you like having something more?

Hate the rich and all they've got?
Then overthrow them and take their lot!

The Yanks, the Krauts, the British too,
shout down the rich-shout out BOO!

Blame it on the Bourgoise-
they buy your labour for a fee.

The Bourgoise are the impetus
for lifestyles which are ruinious.

Would you, could you bomb the plant?
Destroy the gizmos that make you rant?

Once upon a while ago,
craftsman was the way to go.

Now replaced by the means of production
capitalism makes for beguiling seduction.

Alas the manifesto was quite moot
like the influence of tariff Hawley-Smoot

And damn Desrali and his reform
the mighty revolution now unborn.
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This flower that smiles today
Dresden Files bookverse
prompt was Morgan/flower at Dresden Flash fic on LJ.

warning: offscreen OFC death

title and cut text from Robert Herrick's Poem "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time"

gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old time is still flying )
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Mary's Song
Dresden Files bookverse

quote within text is from page 109 of Death Masks, and contains spoilers for it.
title and cut text are from Sylvia Plath's poem Mary's Song

character study of the Archive
warning: contains canon suicidal impulses, which are not acted on.

O Golden Child, the world will kill and eat )
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While Sleeping, I murder the world
Dresden Files bookverse
prompt was sleep for Dresden flash fic on LJ

in text quote from Proven Guilty, p. 315
title is from the poem Monster, by Cliff J. Burns

For Lucifer was once God's most beloved creation )

There is nothing that cannot be achieved
through sustained effort and an exertion of the
will; the mind can bend and shape reality at its
discretion; while sleeping, I murder the world.
-Violins in the Void
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The Women In Refridgerators Rally is over There
multiple fandoms

"I'm Lt. Javis"

"Hi Jarvis." the group chorused.

"I was a soldier on Stargate, and I was killed on my first and only mission-"

"Oh bitch, bitch" whispered Stormtrooper "I've been killed thousands of times"

"By your command" agreed his neighbour.

"Hey! Lets show a little respect here" said Redshirt.
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It was done.

Harry removed Gryffindor's sword from Edward Cullen's body with a jerk and turned to Ron and Herminione, who stood over the blue-faced Bella.

"Next time we'll stop them before they get a movie"

"You think Mcgonagall's feminist group is done with Stephanie Meyer yet?" asked Ron.


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