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The End of the World (in 5 steps or less):the dubious remix, buffy,
Original Fic: The End of the World (in 5 steps or less) by [personal profile] amathela
written for [profile] remixthedrabble

*not available for remixing.

This is how it ends.

Little things. Baby steps.

We start fighting over stupid things like peanut butter. I don't care what Xander says, that peanutbutter was mine.

Lines so carefully entrenched begin to blur. Xanders feeling pretty good under my fists and palms and elbows. Which, whoa, when did he get muscles like that anyway?

Things I swore I'd never do I've done. I've conscripted civilians before, Xander, Willow, Oz, Cordelia, even Giles should have been left on the sidelines.

But this is different. These people came to me for protection.

I'm putting them on the front lines.

Even if I win, I've lost already.
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prompt was can, for open on sunday

She'd been in the can for a couple of years when he came for her. His visit got her out of group therapy, so there's a plus.

But then he told her that Angel was gone and the world needed a hero. She figures the shit's really hit the fan if the closest thing around that resembles a hero is her.

Wow, it really must be the apocolypse.

She's in here because she deserves to be. She breaks out because it's her job (and no one else can do it).

Besides, Faith figures, as safety glass shatters around her, she's feeling pretty rehabilitated already.
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More Than

prompt was Franz Ferdinand Song titles, I chose Bite Hard


It's the hunt that is in his blood. An urge to carnage, to kill and drink and hurt everyone around him. But he's above such things. There's an artistry to be had in evil. It's more than mindlessness, a primal urge. He's got a talent.

So while all the beast in him wants to do is bite hard, to drink deep, the man in him thinks, plans, plots. The man in him has a thing for convents.

Angelus wants to destroy not only the body of his victims, but the mind and soul too. There's so much more to him than a set of teeth.
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What she came for
prompt was Franz Ferdinand song titles

This is what she came for.

To revel in the violence of being a Slayer. Punches, kicks, a knee to the stomach, to the face.

She's beating up a vamp she lured out of the Bronze.

She's beating up a perv for what's in his wallet, a place to stay.

This is what she came for.

To escape. From her demons, both literal and figurative. To run, always to run, which is the nature of the girl.

She's in Sunnydale to escape the demon that killed her Watcher Oh God, how could she leave her like that? to that?

She's in L.A. to escape Buffy and friends, demons of her own making. She doesn't even know who she is anymore.

This is what she came for.

To atone.

She's turning herself in, she's breaking out of prison to fight Angelus, she's going back to Sunnydale to face the people she's hurt.

This is what Faith came for.
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This flower that smiles today
Dresden Files bookverse
prompt was Morgan/flower at Dresden Flash fic on LJ.

warning: offscreen OFC death

title and cut text from Robert Herrick's Poem "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time"

gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old time is still flying )
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Mary's Song
Dresden Files bookverse

quote within text is from page 109 of Death Masks, and contains spoilers for it.
title and cut text are from Sylvia Plath's poem Mary's Song

character study of the Archive
warning: contains canon suicidal impulses, which are not acted on.

O Golden Child, the world will kill and eat )
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While Sleeping, I murder the world
Dresden Files bookverse
prompt was sleep for Dresden flash fic on LJ

in text quote from Proven Guilty, p. 315
title is from the poem Monster, by Cliff J. Burns

For Lucifer was once God's most beloved creation )

There is nothing that cannot be achieved
through sustained effort and an exertion of the
will; the mind can bend and shape reality at its
discretion; while sleeping, I murder the world.
-Violins in the Void
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The Wild Hunt

Sounds of hooves and wolf calls came closer. Odd, considering we were at the park.

"Look away!" I cried, too late, as I recognized the signs of the Wild Hunt.

My best friend, no student of mythology, screamed. In darkness I trembled. When I opened my eyes, I was alone.
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Dont tap the glass

"No one knows where they came from, only that they couldn't survive in the real world. That's why we put them someplace safe." The guide said, sweeping an arm over the glass that was one side of the Angel sanctuary. Winged figures moved in the distance of the large dome.
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She Who Drowns Is Not Bothered By the Rain
Night World (Daughter of Darkness)

xposted to Twilight Tales and TTales on LJ

It was probably nothing. Really. The boy doted on her, would never hurt her. Couldn't hurt a fly. She worried at her lip.

But the half glimpsed glint in his eye, the darkness she sensed in him...

Mrs. Burdock pulled the ornate silver butterknife from the drawer.

The girl, Mary Lynette, was the closest thing she had to family. She cared about her. She'd go so far as to say she loved her like a daughter, here, far from the enclave and the rules, (and only in her own head).

As for the other rule, she was not quite free enough to tell her anything that might actually save her should the wolf turn.

"Here you are sweetie, maybe this will help you with your gasflap thing."

Hopefully the girl would still hear her warning.

"Gas cap. and thank you, Mrs B." Said Mary Lynnette as she reached for the knife, "I'm sure this will work perfectly."


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