Aug. 1st, 2009

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There's Always Elvis
Night World
Drabble for LJS100
Prompt was music

Poppy sat beside the stereo, flipping through her CDs, frowning.

Everything she played sounded disjointed, stopping and starting.

When she mentioned it to James he had looked at her like she was nuts.

"Yeah, everything digital sounds like that"

Poppy had given him a blank look in return.

"It's not supposed to, the music should play smoothly."

"Not to vampire ears. We can hear the pauses. He stopped when he saw how upset she looked. "Aw, Poppy, you can always listen to records. They sound alright." He hugged her.

Buried in his shoulder Poppy didn't mention that you probably couldn't get the Netherland Skippy dance on vinyl.
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Night World
Xposted at LJS100

Galen sighed. He went to the kitchen and returned with a garbage bag, then pulled the comforter off the bed and shoved it into the bag.

On his way he ran into James and Poppy. Both nodded a hello, then paused and made faces. Poppy sniffed the air, made another face.

"Is that-"

"Don't ask" Galen cut her off without breaking his stride.

Thankfully he made it to the laundry room without running into anyone else (who had a super sense of smell) and started the washing machine.

Galen was really going to have to talk to Keller about cleaning up her own damn hairballs
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She Who Drowns Is Not Bothered By the Rain
Night World (Daughter of Darkness)

xposted to Twilight Tales and TTales on LJ

It was probably nothing. Really. The boy doted on her, would never hurt her. Couldn't hurt a fly. She worried at her lip.

But the half glimpsed glint in his eye, the darkness she sensed in him...

Mrs. Burdock pulled the ornate silver butterknife from the drawer.

The girl, Mary Lynette, was the closest thing she had to family. She cared about her. She'd go so far as to say she loved her like a daughter, here, far from the enclave and the rules, (and only in her own head).

As for the other rule, she was not quite free enough to tell her anything that might actually save her should the wolf turn.

"Here you are sweetie, maybe this will help you with your gasflap thing."

Hopefully the girl would still hear her warning.

"Gas cap. and thank you, Mrs B." Said Mary Lynnette as she reached for the knife, "I'm sure this will work perfectly."
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The Devil's Due
Xover with multiple fandoms:Reaper,and Supernatural, with shout outs to Buffyverse, Firefly, Harry Potter, Whoverse, and Dollhouse
Posted to Writercon100
Blue light special, as many qualifying fandoms in 100 words.

"What's this?" asked Sam, as the Devil passed him a paper.

"It's your list of souls, Sammie Boy" the Devil smiled.

"Uh, yeah, whatever buddy, you've got the wrong guy" said Dean, as he shot Sam a look.

"Voldermort, Angelus, Spike, the Deleks.... aren't these-"

"the worst damned ever to escape hell, Sammie. You don't want their evil in the world do you?"

"Joss Whedon is on this list" Sam said.

"Isn't that the Firefly, Buffy guy? those chicks were hot" Dean said, lost in dirty thoughts.

"Have you seen Dollhouse? Nuff said" the Devil replied.

"well, we can at least check into it," Sam suggested.
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Twilight vs. Wolverine

Logan should have realized there was trouble brewing when the precognitive kid holed up in his room with a month supply of food annd refused to come out until "that damn book went away."

The next day Logan noticed a few girls in his self defense class weren't paying attention. That shit just didn't happen in his class. He yelled, they cringed and he figured that was the end of it. The next day they'd brought the fucking book to class with them.

He didn't get the weird apple motif on the cover, and frankly he didn't give a damn. On the way back to his room he passed groups of giggling girls, all with that same book. It was really starting to freak him out. And what was with the all the girls putting sparkles on shit?

By the end of the week he'd pretty much locked himself into his room as well.

Eventually the fad seemed to fade away, as all teen obsessions did and Logan wandered downstairs. It was late, and that kid was watching TV, like he always did at night when everyone else slept.

"Anything good on, kid?"

"not really, just this documentary about the Twihard phenomenon."

"I thought that book was old news?" Logan said, the fear blunt in his voice.

"The first one, yeah, this is about the sequel."


"There's gonna be 4 books in total-"the kid turned to look, but Logan was gone,"Mr Logan?"
But Logan was off, already planning his extended trip to northern Canada.


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