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I'm CrevanFox, welcome to my DW fic journal. I have a LJ equivalent under the same name. It's going to take some time to get my fics over here, please be patient.

My fics (except those marked remix or co-authored) are open for remixing, commentary, etc. Just give me credit for the original version whereever the new story is posted, and let me know so I can squee with geeker/fic writer joy.

I always warn for non con, and dub con. I don't write RPF or incest fics.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters, shows, and my soul belong to their respective creators/the studios/the student loan people. I make no profit from anything, ever.

Feedback feeds the muse.

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Flight #7
Battlestar Galactica
prompt was Lee/Kara, post series, finally getting to spend time together
written for Fall Fandom Free For All
warning for character death

Well, frak me )
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The 4 things that never happened to Klara Prast in 2008, and one that might
written for the fifth fest at [community profile] smallfandomfest
Prompt was Klara, new world

Author's note: This is my first and so far only five things that is not Stargate related. I love expanding my horizons! ALSO, this references events in Young Avengers/Runaways Secret Invasion. If you haven't read that mini series (or even heard of it), basically an alien race called the Skrull invades. Klara and Molly were dropped off at Mt. Rushmore to keep them out of the worst of the fighting. The Skrull get their asses handed to them and then leave.

Oh brave new world that has such people in it )
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Original Fic: Equanimity
, by [profile] little_missmimi
Remix: Equanimity (The gemini rising Remix)

It pulls and it pushes.

Even docked as far from the edge of it, River can feel the ocean. She can smell the crisp scent of real air (not recycled, unhygienic and on a breeze, not out of vent) kissed by the sea (pungent).

Like a river returning to the ocean that spawns it, River slips out of the ship, skips and twists over rocks, past people and buildings to the oceans edge.

No one notices her leave, all too concerned with their own little worlds (cheap alternators, studies, money, women).

Too hot sand pushes her forward. Burns at her feet until her toes dip into the edge of cool wet sand, sprayed by the ocean.

The call of the ship (they need her) pulls her back. The needs and wants of a ship full of people calls her home.

With a sigh she turns.

She knows she'll be back.

Rivers always flow to the sea.
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Original Fic: Holding, by [personal profile] izhilzha
Remix: Holding (The stalwort and true Remix)

She cries and screams until she can't anymore.

She cries for Tara, and what she did to Warren, and what she's done to her friends. She cries because Giles might be dead and she might be the one who did it.

She cries because Xander is holding her, and rubbing her back and telling her it's going to be okay, and for the first time since Tara fell to the ground with a red circle blossoming on her chest Willow believes it.

She cries because she almost ended the world, after everything they've done to save it. After everything they've lost fighting for it.

She cries because she attacked Xander and who else would do the snoopy dance for her if she snuck over to their house on Christmas?

She's not sleeping, but she's too washed out to move, clutching at Xander and staying very still seems like the only thing for her to do.
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Original Fic: Eight, by [personal profile] amathela
Remix: Eight (Because Seven Ate Nine Remix)

Sharon was from Troy. She had a family and a first boyfriend, and a first kiss and a first fuck which was disappointing, but got better the more they did it.

She isn't Sharon.

Boomer is serving aboard Galacrica. It's her home away from home, especially after the attack. Boomer is a pilot, one of the best. Boomer loves Chief, and playing poker.

She isn't Boomer.

Athena is on Caprica. Athena thinks she might love Helo. Athena is pregnant with Helos baby.

Athena is a cylon.

She's not real either, but at least she knows it.

She's never been to Troy, although she can remember being a little girl there.

She's never served on Galactica, although she can close her eyes and feel Chiefs touch, the burn of stolen liquor and stolen kisses.

She's been rained on and exposed to radiation, and she's in the run from her own people. For the first time Sharon "Athena" Valerii feels real.
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Original Fic: Abundance of Goods does no harm, by [personal profile] benebu
Remix: Abundance Of Goods Does No Harm (The dirge Remix)
Harry Potter
double drabble

This is the Last Will and Testament of Dobby, a free House Elf

I, Dobby, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeth my entire collection to one Harry Potter; the most noble of Wizards, to whom Dobby is forever indebted.

With a flourish, the House Elf signed and dated the document, and sent it by owl to Winky, the executrix of his estate. He was the first house elf in known history to even have an estate, and he was quite pleased he had something to leave behind to the ones who mattered most to him.

Winky had finally started to come around and he trusted her with this most sacred of tasks. She also happened to be the only other free elf capable of doing what he asked (he certainly couldn't ask a Wizard to help one such as him)

It was all he had in the world but it was everything. Sometimes at night he would pull his collection out and run his long fingers over the different textures, look at the different colours and patterns. They were all so beautiful.

It was a week after the war ended that a box full of socks arrived at Harry Potter's doorstop.
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Original Fic: Human, by [personal profile] kindkit
Remix: Human (The hope springs eternal Remix)

Ethan Rayne is sure of one thing and it is this: Giles will save him.

Truthfully, he's been a bit of a dick to his old mate, and not all of it done to honour glorious chaos. Ethan really is just a bastard sometimes. He gets that.

He also knows just how good a man Ripper is; how he held the whole group together, kept them from falling totally off the cliff when they started to dabble with the darker magics. He even forgave him for the Halloween incident. Well, he never came after him for it, and that's as good as forgiveness in Ethan's book.

Giles will come for him, or send the Slayer. He will.

Ethan rocks back and forth in his tiny square of a cell buried so far under ground he forgets what sunlight feels like, and waits for his rescue. 74 days and counting.

Giles is coming. He knows it.
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Original Fic: Fade Out, by [personal profile] kindkit
Remix: Fade Out (The meant to be Remix)
double drabbe

This is how Black men always die.

Every damn movie he watched with his sister and his mom (when they had electricity), the Black guy always bites it in some dead end alley.

What a fucking metaphor.

When his people are fighting for their lives and their homes, they die in abandoned factories, and in burnt out shops.

Blood stains on dirty streets.

Gunn doesn't see any other way out for himself. This is just how things work down here.

When he's in a corner office with his own secretary, wearing Armani and with the collected works of Abbot and Costello (plus a law degree) crammed into his brain, he's as far from those dead end streets as it's humanly possible to get. But he never stops thinking he won't still die on one.

When Gunn thinks about how he's going out, it's always with a weapon in hand, fighting, on the streets he was raised on.

When the time comes, it's just like he knew it would be. Blood splattering on the pavement, washed away like he never was, following the rain into the gutters. Another Black man forgotten before the sun has even risen.

Maybe he was always meant to die like this.
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The Poetic Irony Edda, circa 1999
prompt was Xander/anyone, Odin hanging on the Tree of Knowledge
for [community profile] comment_fic

It's been nine days since Cordelia fell through the stairs at the abandoned factory, pierced right through with wrought iron.

The doctors are sending her home today.

She's lucky to be alive, although she's not really feeling too lucky. The pain killers take the edge off but every breath stretches out her stitches, and spreads fire through her guts.

She's stopped seeing things, although Cordelia is pretty sure that has more to do with her getting a tolerance for the morphine, than any damage to her brain healing.

Because she must have been hallucinating.

Xander and Willow!?

There is no way, no freaking way that she gave up everything for that nerd, that freak of nature, just so he could turn around and cheat on her. And with Willow! Poster child for lame-o fashion sense?

They must have used dark magic against her or something. Cordelia Chase doesn't get used, she uses. She doesn't get cheated on, she cheats. Cordelia Chase is the undisputed Queen of Sunnydale High, and when she gets beck to school she will show them exactly who she is, the Bitchiest of them all, and she does not take kindly to insults to hher throne.

For the first time in 9 days Cordelia is starting to feel like herself again. And Xander Harris is going to have hell to pay.
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An AU where Angel ended in season 1

crackfic, ficlet

Angel and Doyle stood atop the building. The sky was streaked with reds and oranges and deeping blues.

"Are you sure about this, Angel? You could do a lot of good with a ring like that."

Angel smiled sadly, took one last look as the sun dipped below the horizon then slipped the Ring of Amara from his finger.

He hadn't seen the sun in- fzzt!

Angel exploded into a shower of dust.

Doyle was horrified. He had dead vampire all over his clothes.

"Damn, I must be running fast". He said, looking at his dust covered watch.

With that he picked up the ring, headed to the nearest pawn shop and from there to a bar.

This whole hero thing was a headache.
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What she came for
prompt was Franz Ferdinand song titles

This is what she came for.

To revel in the violence of being a Slayer. Punches, kicks, a knee to the stomach, to the face.

She's beating up a vamp she lured out of the Bronze.

She's beating up a perv for what's in his wallet, a place to stay.

This is what she came for.

To escape. From her demons, both literal and figurative. To run, always to run, which is the nature of the girl.

She's in Sunnydale to escape the demon that killed her Watcher Oh God, how could she leave her like that? to that?

She's in L.A. to escape Buffy and friends, demons of her own making. She doesn't even know who she is anymore.

This is what she came for.

To atone.

She's turning herself in, she's breaking out of prison to fight Angelus, she's going back to Sunnydale to face the people she's hurt.

This is what Faith came for.
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While Sleeping, I murder the world
Dresden Files bookverse
prompt was sleep for Dresden flash fic on LJ

in text quote from Proven Guilty, p. 315
title is from the poem Monster, by Cliff J. Burns

For Lucifer was once God's most beloved creation )

There is nothing that cannot be achieved
through sustained effort and an exertion of the
will; the mind can bend and shape reality at its
discretion; while sleeping, I murder the world.
-Violins in the Void
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She Who Drowns Is Not Bothered By the Rain
Night World (Daughter of Darkness)

xposted to Twilight Tales and TTales on LJ

It was probably nothing. Really. The boy doted on her, would never hurt her. Couldn't hurt a fly. She worried at her lip.

But the half glimpsed glint in his eye, the darkness she sensed in him...

Mrs. Burdock pulled the ornate silver butterknife from the drawer.

The girl, Mary Lynette, was the closest thing she had to family. She cared about her. She'd go so far as to say she loved her like a daughter, here, far from the enclave and the rules, (and only in her own head).

As for the other rule, she was not quite free enough to tell her anything that might actually save her should the wolf turn.

"Here you are sweetie, maybe this will help you with your gasflap thing."

Hopefully the girl would still hear her warning.

"Gas cap. and thank you, Mrs B." Said Mary Lynnette as she reached for the knife, "I'm sure this will work perfectly."


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